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May 23

Chicks Dig It & 5 Other Reasons to Drink Rosé This Spring

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Chicks Dig It & 5 Other Reasons to Drink Rosé This Spring

If you love rosé you can stop reading now. You get it and I love you for that (but skip to the end for some of my favorites.)

On the other hand if you don’t drink rosé: pay attention. This information may change your life! First, a short bit of technical information for the beginner.

  • White Grapes=White Wine
  • Red Grapes=Red Wine
  • ????=Pink Wine

Most of the wine-growing world has a fall harvest and the first fruits of this harvest are released in late winter/early spring in the form of dry rosé wine. All grape juice is clear; color comes from contact with the skins. For a wine guy the most important color of the season is pink.

So here are a few reasons why you should be drinking rosé right now:

  1. It will make you infinitely cooler.
  2. Works well with all types of food. Seafood, poultry, fresh vegetables, pizza, sushi, veal, donuts, leftover Easter peeps, fine meats and cheeses
  3. Brad & Angelina make one.  Jolie-Pitt & Perrin Family Miraval Rosé. Can you imagine drinking pink wine with Brangelina in St. Tropez?
  4. Rosé enhances outdoor activities. Gardening, croquet, bocce, reading, golf, lounging, picnics at Tanglewood, all much more fun with a glass of the pink stuff
  5. Chicks dig it!! (Pay attention guys)
  6. Stop reading my list, you don’t need any more reasons. Just go out and get some!

Now for some of my favorites this year…

bob loblaws wine blog 007Edmunds St. John, Bone Jolly Gamay Noir Rose, Witters Vineyard, El DoradoCounty

  • Only 400 cases made and dangerously enjoyable. Find it quick before I drink it all.

Muga, Rosado, Rioja, Spain

  • A must buy every year for me. Well priced, readily available and always tasty. Plus Muga’s red wines are killer too.

Domaine Saint Andre Figuiére, Cuvee Magali, Provence

  • Some people only drink rosé from Provence. I don’t discriminate that way but after trying these wines I understand the prejudice. It tastes even better out of magnum. That’s how the “ballers” drink it.

Look for them/find them at your local fine wine store or better, come to The Red Lion Inn and have some while rocking on the front porch.

That’s all I’ve got on the subject for now. Go grab yourself a glass of liquid sunshine and enjoy!

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