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Sep 19

Vocals and piano

Sep 18

Playing jazz standards

Sep 17

Rockabilly: Hillbilly rock n’ roll.

Sep 16

One guy, one guitar, a bunch of harmonicas, a boatload of great songs, an orange cat, several Tibetan monks, a hamster, a power drill, an onion, you know, that sort of thing…

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Sep 15

Local musicians playing a wide variety of old time, original, country and folk

Sep 14
Sep 13

Trivia questions from music to history, and everything in between

Sep 12

Classic rock to knock your socks off

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Sep 11

Playing jazz standards

Sep 10

A little bit folk, a little bit rock n roll

Sep 9

Acoustic rock and folk

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Sep 8

Rare power, totally at home on stage.

Sep 7

Local Americana keeping your spirits high

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Sep 6
Sep 5

Classic Rock & Blues

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Sun – Sat 8pm to 11pm

The Den is open until 1 am on weekends