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July 10

From the Farmer to Your Plate: How Summer Specials Come to Life

During this time of year (the growing season) writing specials becomes different as it is the time when I get truly inspired by the ingredients my farmers bring to my back door… It’s visual, aromatic and taste stimulation, thoughts rush through my mind:

“What would taste great with that?”
“What would look good with that?”
“How can I add a texture without screwing up the simplicity of the ingredient?”

…Anyway I love my farmers, thank you for making my life fun, stimulating and interesting. These photos are how tonight’s app special came to be:

imageFarm Girl Farm beefsteaks
imageBerry Patch green tomatoes
imagesmoking McEnroe & Farm Girl Farm beefsteaks
imageBerry Patch Sungolds
image Shady Gate Micro greens
imageBerry Patch Sungolds
imageBerry Patch Fried Green Tomatoes with McEnroe & Farm Girl Farm Smoked Tomato Puree,
Berry Patch Sun Gold Tomatoes & Shady Gate Micro Greens
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