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Late 20th Century: Rescued by the Fitzpatricks

In November 1968, The Red Lion Inn was rescued by Stockbridge residents John (“Jack”) and Jane Fitzpatrick, the founders of Country Curtains, who originally planned to use part of the Main Dining Room and most of the kitchen for their growing mail-order enterprise. The Fitzpatricks found themselves so enchanted with The Red Lion Inn, and awed by its history, that they decided to continue to operate it as a lodging establishment.

Needless to say, the Inn needed to be brought up to date. The Fitzpatricks installed a large new kitchen and dining room. Part of a former lounge became the Widow Bingham’s Tavern. They redecorated the public rooms to complement the Inn’s incomparable collection of antique furniture, china, and pewter. Especially dear to Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s heart was the charming collection of teapots, which remains on permanent display throughout the Inn. On May 29, 1969, The Red Lion Inn was re-opened, and successfully established as a year-round business.

Beginning in 1974, the Fitzpatricks purchased several neighboring buildings in the center of Stockbridge and converted them into guesthouses, including the former village firehouse – the most popular of all the accommodations at The Red Lion Inn. Over the years they continually updated and upgraded the Inn, adding modern conveniences while retaining the landmark’s historic charm.

Mr. Fitzpatrick served four terms as Massachusetts State Senator, from 1972 to 1980, and once again The Red Lion Inn became the center of political activity in Berkshire County. The Fitzpatricks played an active role in the Inn’s operation, and could often be found on the premises, enjoying the company of local and visiting patrons. Mr. Fitzpatrick passed away in July 2011. His wife, Jane, passed away in November 2013, just shy of her 90th birthday. Their daughter, Nancy Fitzpatrick, is the current owner of the Inn. Sarah Eustis, Nancy’s stepdaughter, also serves as Managing Director and offers family continuity.

Our Management Team

Nancy Fitzpatrick
Owner & President
Sarah Eustis
Owner/Managing Director
Chef Brian J. Alberg
Executive Chef and Vice President of Culinary Development
Janet Eason
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Andy Huppe
Chief Financial Officer
Michele Kotek
General Manager
Anne-Juliette Maurice
Vice President of Operations
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