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Lion's Tales

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The Lion’s Tales

Periodically, we invite our guests to put pen to paper (or fingers to keypad) and send us an original tale for potential inclusion in our Bedtime Storybooks, which are provided to our guests at turn down. Over the years, these stories have run the gamut from cute to courageous, nostalgic to noteworthy, and through their publication have touched the hearts of guests and staff alike.  We are always overwhelmed by the results, and happy to offer the authors whose stories are selected a complimentary overnight stay.

Tell us your story!

We are now looking for future stories. Keep in mind that all submissions must:

  • Fit within the theme of “Most memorable experience in the Berkshires”
  • Include a visit to The Red Lion Inn & Stockbridge
  • Contain 800–1200 words
  • Be submitted prior to March 31, 2021

When submitting, please:

  • Include a title, name, and word count along with your phone number and address at the top of the page.
  • Include the story’s title and your last name in the filename, for example, A Unique and Enchanting Story-Smith.docx

Submit via e-mail in doc, Docx, or RTF format to Authors whose stories are selected will receive a complimentary overnight stay.

To read our current edition of The Lion’s Tales, click here.