Meet Majora

Hi everybody.

My name is Majora and I’m the grand dame of The Red Lion Inn. At least that’s what my mom calls me. I’m not sure what a grand dame is but if it means really loving the Red Lion then that’s me.

My mom and I spend most of our summers here.  She’s a dancer at Jacob’s Pillow. It’s a big deal to dance there.  Which makes my mom pretty awesome.  Anyway, the Red Lion is a great getaway that feels just like home. I think we get treated pretty special.  But mom says they treat everyone that way.

We have lots of friends here at the Inn. There’s Chuck at the front desk.  He always gives us a room facing the pool.   And Charlotte in the gift shop.  And Chris. He’s my favorite waiter.  I’ve gotten to know pretty much everybody.  Even some of the regular guests.  Like Mr. Wells.  He’s my favorite.  He plays the piano.

Anyway, they decided to make a movie about my adventures at the Red Lion.  Imagine that.  Me in a movie.  Then again, I guess I do know a lot about this place. There’s all the old tea sets and stuff. The ceiling in the tavern. The old timey elevator. And my favorite – the pool.    There are so many great things here. So many things to do. You can spend forever just exploring.  There’s lots to do outside of the Inn too. Like hiking, fishing, swimming, going to museums and the theater, and, of course, watching my mother dance.

I hope to see you around sometime.  You can’t miss me.  I’m the little kid who Mr. Mickey – the general manager – says runs the show.  Well I am the grand dame. Whatever that means. If you do miss me, you can see me in the movie. It’s called My Place.