2019 Artist-in-Residence Show on Display!

John Clarke


The Artist-in-Residence program, celebrating the artistic and creative energy of the Berkshires continued this past summer at the Red Lion Inn. This year's Artist-in-Residence, John Clarke has lived in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts since 2007. He was born in central Massachusetts around a landscape of mills, rivers, trains and bridges. Clarke received his degree in classical music composition from Bates College in Maine.

Clarke’s fine art work is created using a range of mediums. Oil paints, pastels, and pencil were his main tools for many years, until he expanded his practice to photography. In 2012, during an autumn hike Clarke headed out without his tripod and produced images with accidental blur. The trails of light and color appealed to the abstract line painter in him and changed the way he thought about photography. The experience established a new course for him as a visual artist.

Clarke continues to push the camera to its limits, translating photographic images into other mediums. Painting with light, his work can be mistakenly viewed as pastel or charcoal drawings. Long exposures and gestural movements with the camera blur the distinction between art forms. The creation of an image holds the excitement of unlimited potential, a chance to feel something he has never felt before.

Often described as a “renaissance man,” Clarke was front man and a primary songwriter for the band Bell Engine . He also has a solo album, All Beneath Our Train. An avid writer, he has written more than 60 short stories about his years jumping freight trains, and more recently, after the birth of his son Orrin, writes poems for children. Clarke’s work has been shown at the Berkshire Museum, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Art on Main at Barnbrook, Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Isha Nelson Gallery, Deb Koffman’s Little Gallery, and Sohn Fine Art Gallery, where he is currently represented.

For further information and to purchase any artwork, please email Lucie Castaldo at lucie@is183.org