Plan Your Spring Break in the Berkshires

Spring in New England is full of riches as the earth starts to take on new life. If you’re planning on spending spring break in the Berkshires, the Red Lion Inn is a great place to call home for your family and friends. The inn is situated in Stockbridge, MA – a gateway to family activities in the Berkshires–rife with blooming nature and landscape that sets the stage for a playground everyone can enjoy no matter what your age or preference.

But how to plan a spring break trip? May we impart some advice…

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Book Your Accommodations

For one, start by booking accommodation that you can call headquarters throughout the entire vacation stay. The Red Lion Inn offers a variety of housing options to suit your individual needs or accommodate for a larger party–from a traditional room at the Inn to a more modern experience full of hotel-like amenities at Maple Glen. Located in the heart of the Berkshires, the beauty and splendor of the surrounding nature in Stockbridge, MA paints a perfect backdrop for all your vacation activities. At the same time, you can indulge in all the New England classic comforts the inn has to offer.

Take Stock of Your Options

What are you going to do? What family activities in the Berkshires are nearby? There are plenty of things to do in the Berkshires in spring that will make way for a relaxing (or very active) experience, so it depends on your taste! Let’s begin with some leisurely activities:

  • A Ride on the Scenic Railway: take a ride on a vintage choo-choo through the beautiful Hoosac Valley and learn a thing or two about the area’s history on this hour-long tour 
  • A Tour of the Berkshire Museum: learn something new at the community museum with rotating exhibits perfect for lovers of art, science, and natural history
  • An outing at the Clark Art Institute: explore exceptional art and architecture at the Clark Institute, one of the most beloved museums in the world in a pastoral setting

If your company is more active, you may want to try:

  • A Horseback Riding Expedition: ride bareback and experience a transformation at Blue Rider Stables and have a holistic educational experience with the stable’s majestic horses
  • A Whitewater Rafting Excursion: take a plunge and try a whitewater rafting adventure on the Deerfield River 

Those are just a few of the options available to you, so be sure to peruse the internet to zoom in more closely on what’s nearby. 

Start Packing for Your Berkshires Spring Trip!

Spring in the Berkshires can also mean weather changes. Packing for weather is important, so be sure to pack layers to accommodate for the change in temperature and precipitation, as well as an umbrella and sunscreen. You’ll be ready for it, rain or shine.

If you’re anticipating hiking some trails or being more active, pack the right gear. From safety equipment and fitness clothing to water bottles and snacks and maps, be sure you have the right outfit and provisions for your trip. The Berkshires is indeed a wilderness, so preparedness should always be a top priority for your active vacation.

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