Sometimes you just want to relax for your getaway weekend. Take your relaxation vacation a step further by visiting Red Lion Inn’s local neighborhood businesses. They happen to be some of the best spas in the Berkshires!

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Seven Salon Spa

Red Lion Inn’s own wellness center sits just around the corner from the inn. Besides offering the standard massages of regular spas, Seven Salon Spa offers three specialty massages: Hot Stones, Reflexology, and CranioSacral. 

Hot Stones add a deep, penetrating heat to the massage that improves lymph circulation and stimulates the immune system. Reflexology applies pressure to acupuncture points along the hands, feet, and head for soothing stimulation. CranioSacral is a unique blend of massage, acupressure, energy work, and yoga stretching for a full-body experience.

Canyon Ranch Lenox

This unique spa is an all-inclusive wellness retreat experience. Canyon Ranch Lenox offers a host of expert-led wellness activities, from fitness classes to spa massages to luncheons to mindfulness seminars. And it’s located on the most beautiful grounds, complete with a manicured Great Lawn, Adirondack chairs, flower gardens, and a view of the historic Bellefontaine Mansion.  

You can choose a day pass to access all of the events on a particular day, or choose the single service option to pick one specific offering to enjoy. Either way, you’ll leave Canyon Ranch feeling refreshed and renewed.  

Body and Soul Great Barrington

Founded in 1987, Body and Soul of Great Barrington was the first-day spa started in the Berkshires. Today, it remains one of the best spas in the area. This locally-owned small business feels like home, set in a charming vintage house away from the noisy center of Great Barrington. 

Doone and Stephen Marshall, the founders of Body and Soul, want every customer to leave saying “that was the best massage or facial I’ve ever had.” They offer flawless care from head to toe. Their signature Holistic Body Treatment has recognition among the medical and spa communities nationwide. It stimulates a healthy lymph system and promotes deep relaxation while restoring inner balance and well-being. They even have aromatherapy!

Miraval Berkshires: Resort & Spa

This award-winning spa is all about creating a life in balance. The Miraval Berkshires’ Resort and Spa is a device-free environment so you can unplug and authentically engage with your surroundings. There are a dozen different activities to enjoy of various categories: meditation, creative expression, water activities, pilates, cuisine classes, and more. They even have a resident beekeeper who offers in-person honey tastings and workshops! 

No matter what you partake in at Miraval, you’ll find your visit not only relaxing but also rewarding and inspiring.  

Relax at The Red Lion Inn

When you’re not approaching nirvana or getting every ounce of stress massaged out of you, the Red Lion Inn will be the cozy, quiet retreat for you to get away from the busyness of life. Our top-notch hospitality and accommodations will ensure you have nothing to worry about during your stay with us so you can focus on that well-deserved “me time.” Book your room now for your relaxing vacation!