Your Guide to the Berkshires Botanical Garden

There are many amazing natural wonders in the Berkshires near The Red Lion Inn. Waterfalls, mountains, and rivers are just the beginning of the list. The crown jewel of them all is the Berkshires Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, MA. Full of the most beautiful flora and fauna year-round, it’s a can’t-miss stop on any trip to the Berkshires. Here’s everything you need to know about this beautiful garden when you visit it. 

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About the Garden

The Garden is not just a collection of flowers. It is a center of the Berkshire community, providing information, education, and inspiration about the arts and sciences of the natural world. The Berkshire Botanical Garden has visiting hours every day from May 1 to October 31. Its variety of horticulture has earned it the name “a museum of living things.” With over 24 acres, you can see plants that are native to the Northeast on nice-weather days. But the center offers dozens of events, classes, and other programs to the public as well. Anyone, locals or visitors, can purchase admission to the Berkshire Botanical Garden. 

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History of the Berkshire Botanical Garden

Back in 1934, a group of local garden clubs and civic centers established a garden center on a parcel of land owned by the Hoffmans. They brought in Horticulturist Kenneth Simpson of Lenox for hire, and the first flowers were prized daylilies donated by the New York Botanical Garden. Several other botanical gardens offered following donations, and soon the Garden had endorsements from garden clubs across the country. 

Since then, the Garden has been a source of inspiration to the Berkshire community. It created a Victory Garden during World War II to teach locals how to plant vegetables. During the 1930s-40s, they added a library and more education programs for the public. And in 1939, the garden participated in the New York World Fair with an exhibition of Kenneth Simpson’s collection. The Garden holds awards from prestigious groups such as the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts and the Garden Club of America for “outstanding influence in horticulture and the community.”

Programs and Events

The Berkshire Botanic Garden offers many events year-round in addition to touring its beautiful gardens. On the educational side, there are field studies of the different flowers in the garden and workshops for building terrariums. You can even attend wine tastings from grapes grown in the garden or a cheese-making class. There are special events like the 45th Annual Plants-and-Answers Plant Sale. And of course, there’s the Fête des Fleurs 2022, a gala full of fancy dresses, food, and flowers. There’s always something happening at the Garden that anyone can enjoy.

Explore the Garden

The vast expanse of the Garden makes it the perfect place for a summer picnic or a nice walk on a sunny afternoon. There are always flowers in bloom regardless of the season during the months of April-September. And of course, the backdrop of the gorgeous plants is perfect for family photos or Instagram pictures. There’s plenty of room across the acres for many tourists to visit at once without it feeling overcrowded.    

Stay at the Red Lion Inn When You Visit the Garden

The Red Lion Inn is a close drive from the Berkshire Botanical Gardens, and the perfect place to stay while you enjoy the beauty the Gardens have to offer. Don’t miss out on this incredible landmark—book now to reserve your stay!